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opps Yeah my summer was aperently nothing to write about but since im heading back to scool on tuesday ill ahve a life again
so yeah I had a free day today so I went and saw pineapple exspress great movie everyone should go see it.
lol is it wrong of me to watching to opening cerimonies for the olympics now for the third time trying to deside wich counrty has the hottist people, on another note if japan wins the 2016 olympic bid im going to try my damdist to get there same for chicago.
and oops so yeah been awhile since i last post been a little on the busy side and well this suffered.  lll try keeping up but dont bet on it
so yeah that stupid writers strike that happen a while back has ruined my summer. God damn (sorry) but damn how many stupid reality shows can you make. Let me talk just about 2 of them Whipeout and I survived a japanese gameshow. Whipeout is the wirst excuse for a show ever its a really crappy version of ninja warroir and mxc. and im just pissed im not on ISJG.

Jun. 10th, 2008

so yeah got my new laptop yeasterday woot!! so yyeah im back to "playing" secondlife woot again!
Indiana Jones was great but if you go see just exspect it to be a little campy

oh yeah I got a X-box 360 :)
So I went and saw Speed Racer today. The movie was actually pretty good or better then I expected to be. Yeah Rain was in it.
so yeah done with school for the simester and i have a weeklet ,half a week, to do nothing but play arcana heart and songstar, this games going to make me lose my voice.

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